They Walked Up the Steps Hand in Hand

My babies started Kindergarten this year and it is already 20% over.

The boys are 5-1/2 today.

Juliana is a third grader – real, big kid school.

Juliana turns 9 tomorrow. Time is moving much too quickly right now.


When it was time to get on the bus on the first day of school, Juliana led the way and the boys followed her. When they reached the bus, Ruslan and Wyatt held hands and walked up the steps together.

first-day-boys3 first-day-boys4

Wyatt has Juliana’s Kindergarten teacher and Ruslan has Ms. O. Ruslan came home on the first day and told me: “I really like Ms O; we decided that we are going to be best friends.” Since then Ruslan has decided that Ms. O is his favorite person. I think that they are both awesome!

wy-openhouse2 ru-openhouse3The boys were so excited to show us their classrooms at open house – they ran back and forth between the two classrooms.

ru-openhouse2ru-openhouse1wy-openhouse1 wy-openhouse3

The bus comes early in the morning and I let them sleep as long as possible. Then we have a very action packed 30 minutes of getting dressed, brushing teeth, eating breakfast, shoes and coats and backpacks, and out the door to the bus.

boys-waiting boys-afterschoolOccasionally there is time for a silly picture before the bus arrives.





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