Holiday Traditions

This weekend we checked off some of our normal Christmas week traditions. We went to the Mall to see Santa – the same Santa as previous years but they moved to a new section of the mall so the backdrop is different than our previous pictures. The kids were still dressed up from their school winter concert earlier that day.

santa-waiting santa2014They rode the Christmas train together and they are all getting a little too big for the train. Ruslan sat back, put up his feet, and relaxed during the slow train ride. Unlike previous years they did not ask to ride again.


Saturday afternoon we went to my parent’s house and we assembled and decorated gingerbread trees. Wyatt got bored with the decorating process but came back when I started to help.

trees1 trees2trees9 trees3

When we were done, they all had green and red tongues from the frosting and were pleased with their final creations.

trees6 trees5trees7 trees4trees8


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