Sharing the Warmth

At 6:45 each weekday morning, I go into the boys room to get them ready for school and they are usually sound asleep. If they hear me come in the room, they borough deep under their blankets in the hopes that I will wake their brother first. Then one day I went into their room and Ruslan’s bed was empty. The comforter and sheet were pulled back and his blankies and Brownie monkey were missing. My first thought was that he had woken early and snuck downstairs as he is often the first one to wake up in the morning. Then I looked at Wyatt and Ruslan was there as well. He had dragged his blankets and snuggled close to Wyatt.

This has happened a few times and in one particularly cold week, I found Ruslan in Wyatt’s bed almost every morning. I think that Ruslan is waking up with no covers (as often happens with active sleepers) and he decides to climb into bed with Wyatt. I am curious to see if the trend continues. Wyatt seems oblivious to Ruslan’s presence until he is fully awake. Either way it is really cute when I find them together and it makes it even more difficult to wake them up.

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