Ten Years Ago, Part 5: One of the Best Days of My Life

It was an ordinary Friday. Scott had gone snowboarding and I decided to go to Target with my mom. Except this wasn’t an ordinary trip to Target, I was going to buy a pregnancy test and of course I had to fill my cart with lots of other stuff so my mom wouldn’t notice that box amongst the other purchases.

I have always loved children. I have lots of cousins and I started babysitting at an early age. In college I worked in a daycare with 3-year olds one summer and worked in kiddie land at Kennywood another summer.

I may not have always been sure what I would do when I grew up, but I knew that more than anything I wanted to be a mother.

My “life plan” was to get married at age 25 and have my first child at age 28. Married at 25 and divorced at 27 was not the plan. My 28th birthday was a few months after the divorce was final and it was a very sad day. The loss of what was supposed to happen that year was strong even thought it was absolutly for the best.

I spent the next few years focused on career and education. I was 31 when Scott and I started dating and I made it clear that I wanted to have children soon. I had watched too many friends struggle to conceive and wanted to make sure that we had time.

On that quiet Friday night in February (16 months after our first date and 7 months after our wedding day), I came home from Target, unpacked my purchases and found out that I was pregnant. In that moment the dream that I had wished for so many times came true. I was finally going to be a mother.

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