The Dinosaur Love Continues

He still carries his Diplodocus around the house. He stomps and growls like a dinosaur when he wants attention. He still reads this book almost every night before bed – the covers have fallen off, pages are ripped, and he can tell you the page numbers of his favorite dinosaurs.

When my friend Rachel posted a link to this A to Z Dinosaurs print a few weeks before Christmas, I knew that we needed to buy it for Ruslan. But there was a problem, the D was not a Diplodocus and I knew that Ruslan would not understand why one of his favorite dinosaurs was missing. Rachel graciously offered to update it for Ruslan and soon the print had arrived, a white frame purchased and it was wrapped for Christmas morning.

A new favorite dinosaur was added to our household on Christmas Eve.


The new T-Rex and the Diplodocus both slept with Ruslan that night and came downstairs with him on Christmas morning. As soon as he unwrapped his dinosaur slippers, he stopped and put those on.

dino-christmas1 dino-christmas2dino-christmas3 dino-christmas4

The framed dinosaur print was set aside so that it wouldn’t accidentally be damaged while presents were being opened so it ended up being the last present that was opened. Ruslan opened it and immediately checked to make sure there was a Diplodocus and a T-Rex and then posed his favorite dinosaurs to take a picture.

dino-christmas5 dino-christmas6



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  • I’m so glad he liked it!

    And T-Rex is one my faves, too! (Oh, who am I kidding, they are all pretty awesome!) Dino fever fo’ life!