At Least Someone is Enjoying the Potholes

The sun was shining today, the temperature is climbing, the snow is melting, and the potholes are filling with water. Puddles make children very happy!

pothole1pothole4 pothole3 pothole2pothole5 pothole6




2 comments to At Least Someone is Enjoying the Potholes

  • hello haha narf

    you are such a great mom! love that you let the kids jump in potholes.

  • Julie Oldach

    Gosh, anything gives you an excuse to pick up that camera! Have you ever thought of submitting some of these pictures somewhere that the whole world could see them? I will say one thing, I’m sure we had (& still have) more & bigger pot holes than y’all do/did. I have the bill for all the underneath work done on my car to prove it (Muffler, Catalytic converter, etc.) GRAM