Two Thumbs Up for Spring

The last few months can be summarized in two words: cold and snow. That means that I have pictures like this one from a March snow day with the children attached to their kindles because it was too cold to play outside.


And when it was warm enough to play outside, it meant snow pants and hats and gloves and shovels.

snow-play1 snow-play2

Yesterday it was warm, the kind of warmth that means that spring is coming, and we played outside. Instead of snow and faces staring at technology, I captured children flying toward me in a blur on scooters and climbing trees.
juliana-blur juliana-outside

We went for a walk and it was glorious to be outside without even a light jacket. Ruslan approves of evenings spent outside.


1 comment to Two Thumbs Up for Spring

  • Julie Oldach

    You certainly capture all the fun times beautifully. Makes me wish I could have lived with you when I was a little girl. I think I missed an awful lot but I did know my parents loved me very much. So important!