The Long Easter Weekend

Tomorrow will be the final day of the 5-day weekend for the children. Juliana told me that she wishes that there was school tomorrow, so either the last 4 days have been boring or too much fun – let’s go with the later.

Although I wasn’t able to take any time off work, we managed to pack a lot into the past few days. Our local childcare program was open on Thursday so they spent the day playing with old friends. They spent most of Friday with Nana and Nonni will have them for a good bit of tomorrow.

Friday evening Juliana and I ran away to a friend’s house and we hung out, jumped on the trampoline, ate too many snacks, and dyed eggs. I brought an egg dye set that came with glitter. The glitter floated on top of the water like an oil slick and coated the eggs when they were pulled out of the cup. The instructions also recommended sprinkling additional glitter on the eggs while they were still wet. We did not relay that idea to the girls.

easter1 easter2

Saturday morning the Easter Bunny made the annual rounds through our neighborhood. When Ruslan heard the siren of the lead police car, he threw his hands in the air.

easter4 easter5

Then is was time to dye more eggs.

easter7 easter8
easter6 easter9

Today was a beautiful spring day! It was a perfect afternoon for an egg hunt. They started with a few treats in their buckets and then they had to find all of the eggs with their initial on them. The three of them ran around the yard, up and down the driveway, crawled under bushes and even climbed a tree.

easter12 easter13
easter10 easter11
easter16 easter17
easter19 easter15
easter18 easter23
easter21 easter20
easter24 easter14

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  • Julie Oldach

    I love all these pictures, they are beautiful & colorful & so full of activity. When the kids came this Easter they brought their own egg & one person was hiding them around the house. I was aghast! I tried that one year & need I say it was a mistake. You have a wonderful yard to hide things!! Oh, & of course we always colored eggs for so many years but haven’t in quite a few. I keep hoping someone will bring a few….never happens. Well, actually someone brought deviled eggs this year…..I don’t like them as they have mustard in them. But they disappeared quickly, were very popular. GRAM