How Do You Do It Mom

I was unloading the dishwasher Saturday afternon and Juliana was sitting at the kitchen table eating a snack. She looked up and said, “How do you do it Mom?” How do I do what I replied. “How are you such a good mom? You always give us what we need without asking. You always seem to know what we want before we do.”

Friday evening, Wyatt and I were walking to the Pirates game and he was holding my hand and bouncing down the sidewalk next to me. I mentioned that he had a lot of energy and reminded him that there would be a lot of walking that evening. He told me that he has more energy in May than any other month because of Mother’s Day because he loves his mama so much and that gives him extra energy.

It was a busy weekend with a series of dates. Wyatt and I went to the Pirates game Friday night and he had so much energy that we only watched the first two innings of the game from our seats and then we watched the rest from the rotunda. He had lots of space to bounce around and occasionally joined me at the railing to watch some of the game.

wyatt-md1 wyatt-md2
wyatt-md4 wyatt-md3
wyatt-md5 wyatt-md6

Saturday evening I went shopping and to dinner with my mom and Juliana. We all got some new clothes for the summer and then had hibachi for dinner.

juliana-md1 juliana-md2

At the same time, Scott and Ruslan were at the Pirates game. They had a great time and stayed through the entire game and fireworks.

ruslan-md2 ruslan-md1
ruslan-md4 ruslan-md3

There were also lots of school crafts for me. Wyatt couldn’t open his backpack fast enough to give me his card while yelling that he couldn’t wait until Sunday. I spent lot of time with my children this weekend and even had a few hours of alone time on Sunday. It was a good weekend.

2 comments to How Do You Do It Mom

  • I loved this. Thank you for sharing, it made me grateful for all my little moments too. You are an amazing mom, Jen.

  • Sarah Zipse

    I think that same question a lot after talking or spending time with you. Sounds like you had a great mother’s day – and rightfully deserved :)