Weeknight Birthday Parties are My New Favorite Thing

The boys sixth birthday party was at Chuck E Cheese on a Tuesday night. Why a Tuesday night?
1 – The boys could not agree on a location for their birthday – they declined every idea that I provided and couldn’t come up with anything that they really wanted.
2 – By the time they agreed to a few options it was too late to book most of them anytime close to their birthday.
3 – Chuck E Cheese was fully booked for that weekend but there were weeknights available.
4 – If you are going to have a party at Chuck E Cheese, the weekends are awful so I was intrigued by the possibility of a quieter weeknight. It turned out that we were the only party and there were approximately 5 children there who were not part of our party. So we basically had the place to ourselves.
5 – Since we were inviting two full classes of Kindergarteners, I thought the attendance might be lighter on a weeknight. I’m not sure that was the case, we ended up with more children then we originally expected.

They had a great time playing with their friends.
tues-party5 tues-party4
tues-party8 tues-party7

And Scott and I joined in on the fun with tiny air hockey, skee-ball and of course head-to-head basketball (the best part of Chuck E Cheese).
tues-party2 tues-party1

They posed with the Big Cheese. In the second picture, Ruslan is looking into the mask and yelling – Hey there is a person in there! And Wyatt is petting the Mouse’s head.

tues-party9 tues-party10

Then it was time for the ticket blaster which is always fun. A wild time of trying to catch flying tickets, especially the 1,000 ticket card, and the loud yelling of their friends. Another successful birthday party done.
tues-party12 tues-party11

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