The Love of Math is Serious

All three kids love math. The boys have enjoyed numbers and counting for as long as they could talk. Ruslan used to come home from school counting which he had been doing since he left school. The boys quiz each other on math problems and love math assignments at school – they are fun. Juliana continues to love math and science and excel at both in school.


While waiting in line or sitting in a restaurant or riding in the car, they will request that we play the number game. One person selects a number under 100 and the rest of us ask questions to guess the number – is it higher than 10, is it lower than 50, etc. Scott and I get tired of this game long before they do. This game is currently Wyatt’s favorite.


Homework with Ruslan had become a challenge and I got tired of dealing with 30 minutes of drama for a 3-minute assignment. Finally I talked to his teacher and she created an award chart. We decided that he would be able to choose a reward when his chart was full. It took months for him to fill the chart and homework time was never easy. When the chart was almost full he told me that he had selected his prize – he wanted to do First Grade math.

We sent the completed chart to school with his completed May homework. Last week he redeemed his award and spent several hours in First Grade including math. He was so excited!


The end of year paperwork has been coming home everyday. Projects, field trip permission slips, event schedules, etc. One of the notes was about summer math journals – weekly math assignments for the summer – completely optional. I filled out the form for each child and tucked the papers in their binders to return to school.

The next morning I was in the kitchen and I heard Juliana scream and yell – Thank You Mommy, Thank You so Much!! I couldn’t figure out why she was so excited at such an early hour and then she added – Thank You for letting me get a summer math journal! I can’t understand why anyone would be that happy to have math assignments for the summer, but I’m certainly not going to argue about it.


Don’t worry we will spend most of the summer having fun!

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2 comments to The Love of Math is Serious

  • hello haha narf

    your kids certainly are…foreign to me! math has never been a favorite. i love that they enjoy it!

  • Bri B

    Don’t worry… when I was little, I used to borrow my sister’s algebra book and do algebra problems!