The Perfect Addition

From the first moment I saw this house 4 years ago, I loved almost everything about it. The rest was cosmetic and we have been slowly working on changes. There were 3 large panels with Chinese drawings separating the front entrance from the living room. It makes sense to have a division between the two areas, but I hated these panels.

before1 before2

We discussed several options over the years but I really didn’t want to build a replacement wall or even a half-wall. Then I saw a picture of an upstairs hallway where they had replaced the wall between the stairs and the hallway with a built-in bookcase – it served as a divider and it was functional – and I started to come up with a plan.

We agreed to a general concept of what we wanted and then called a few cabinet makers for quotes. After a few consultations we finalized the design – closed storage for backpacks, jackets and other kid stuff on the entrance side and open bookshelves on the living room side. It would be a large piece of furniture, solid wood stained to match the living room floors.

A few weeks ago we took down the ugly panels.

The next morning the kids were so excited that they could run all the way across the front of the house and there was nothing blocking their path. Later that day the cabinet pieces were delivered and installed. It’s so pretty and it feels like it belongs. From that first day it was installed, it has fit right into that spot and seems like it has always been there.

before4 after2
before3 after1

The kids were ecstatic when they came home from school. They quickly assigned “lockers” to themselves and put their school shoes, jackets and backpacks away. Then they picked up their other shoes and put those away. They were so happy to have their own space for their belongings.

after3 after4
after5. after7

The novelty has not work off. We always know where their school shoes are and the backpacks are no longer a tripping hazard in the entry hallway. Wyatt keeps the basics in his locker; Juliana’s is full of extra books, school papers and the latest play she is writing; and Ruslan keeps his treasures there – his is the most organized.

after8 after9

I could not be happier with this new addition. Now let’s hope that the next set of custom cabinets are just as successful.

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  • Julie Oldach

    I love it Jen. It’s beautiful & having all the space to tuck important things away. I give you an A+. I can’t wait to see it in person. Love ya. GRAM