A Day in the Life – 2015 Edition

Every few years I try to record a relatively normal day in our life. Usually I make a note to do this in a year where our schedule has changed – for example the year that Juliana started Kindergarten. This was the first year of school of Ruslan and Wyatt so during their last week of school I captured a normal day in our lives. It’s always interesting to me to look back and see how much our daily routine changes as the children get older. Life with toddler Juliana is very different than life with three school aged children.

6:00 – Wake-up, shower and get myself ready. Get lunches out of the fridge and add to lunch boxes along with an ice pack. Attach lunch boxes to backpacks and then wake-up the sleepy children. Move sleepy children through the process of getting dressed, brushing teeth, eating breakfast and putting shoes on and then out the door to the bus.

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7:30 – At my desk for work. This was a work from home day for me. If it had been an office day, I would have left for the office before 7:00. I am generally at my desk working and on conference calls all day. The only real difference between working from home and being in the office is that I get to see my children get on the bus in the morning and I am there when they get off the bus in the afternoon – those are good days.


4:00 – The bus arrives and there is a flurry of activity as they hop off the bus and come in the house. Lunch boxes are unpacked, backpacks are put away and the kids have a snack and some quiet time while I go back to my desk.

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5:00 – The evening hours include dinner and activities: soccer practice, gymnastics, etc. This particular evening was trash night which is one of Juliana’s chores.


7:00 – The start of bedtime – baths and reading time and eventually sleep. The boys are usually in bed by 7:30 and Juliana has an additional hour that she can be downstairs and is allowed to read upstairs when after she goes to her room for the night.

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The rest of the day for me includes: packing lunches (including a lunch for me if I have an office day), making sure everyone has clean clothes for the next day, laundry and other household activities, and watching mindless TV with Scott before I drag myself to bed much too late.

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