Different Perspectives From Our Family Vacation

We took a quick family road trip to Washington, DC at the end of July. I have lots of stories to tell about our trip. As I was downloading and flipping through the pictures some of them caught my attention. Pictures of people taking pictures and pictures where the story changes.

We were walking along the Mall Monday afternoon when I asked Wyatt to take a picture of us (Ruslan was with my brother). He stood in front of us and I was pointing out how to make sure we were all in the frame when someone stopped and asked if he could take the picture. I didn’t realize how excited Wyatt was to take our picture until I saw how disappointed he was when I looked at these pictures. In the future I will give Wyatt more opportunities to take a turn behind the camera.

wash-mall1 wash-mall2

When we reached the Washington Monument we were all hot and sweaty and tired of walking. The kids wanted nothing to do with having their picture taken.
wash-mem1 wash-mem2

Things were slightly better by the time we reached the Lincoln Memorial.
lmemorial1 lmemorial2

I love the perspective on this selfie.
group-wash2 group-wash1

I was taking a picture of Juliana in front of the Eleanor Roosevelt Statue when I turned and spotted Wyatt a few feet away – not quite as happy as his sister.
ros-mem2 ros-mem1

I took a picture of the boys sweetly sleeping and turned around minutes later to find them wildly repositioned.
sleep1 sleep2

These are some of my favorite pictures from the trip. We had walked from the Mall to the Tidal Basin and around to the Jefferson Memorial. We were happy to be sitting in the shade and I thought I would get a picture of the three of them together. This picture is so typical of trying to get the three of them to look at me and smile.

And then Wyatt moved to sit with them and I suddenly had all three of them looking at me and smiling.

Better yet, Scott took a picture at the same time.

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