Sometimes It’s Like We Aren’t From the Same Family

Last night Ruslan was standing in his bedroom crying after his bath. I went in and asked what was wrong and he cried, “The lotion tasted bad and it feels yucky in my throat!” Feeling very confused I asked he said that he lotion and when he confirmed it, I asked why. “Wyatt tried it and said it was good so I tried it too. And it wasn’t good. I thought it would good because the soap tastes so good.”

So far I had learned that Ruslan has eaten and enjoyed soap in the past and tried lotion and didn’t like it.

I settled Ruslan down and gave him a snack.

Then I talked to Wyatt. I asked if he had eaten lotion “Yes”. Why did you eat lotion? He shrugged and said, ” I just wanted to try it because the soap tastes really good.”

After the second confirmation that the soap tastes really good, I decided that I needed to know what soap they were eating. I asked Wyatt to show me the soap and he pointed to the soap dispenser on the bathroom counter – Dial anti-bacterial, foaming soap. Granted it does smell good, but why on earth would they eat it?

Later I asked Juliana if she knew that the boys were eating the soap and she said, “No! The boys are really weird. Sometimes it’s like we aren’t from the same family.” So we know how Juliana feels about the situation.

I explained to both boys that they should not eat any soap, lotion, shampoo or any similar products.

After they were asleep, I realized that there isn’t any lotion in their bathroom. This morning I asked what bottle had the lotion that they tried – it was the conditioner. 

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