Washington DC – Day 2 – The One with Uncle Nick

Hot, humid, so much walking, wet, tired legs, family, adventure, so much walking, museums, monuments.

Monday was a very long day. By the time we returned to the hotel, the adults had close to 25,000 steps so the children had many more. There were some points where I didn’t think they would be able to walk anymore. They really deserved that swim at the end of the day.

We started our journey with the long escalator ride into the Rosslyn Metro and headed to our first stop – The American History Museum and then lunch.

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Throughout the morning I had been texting my brother who lives in the area and we made plans to meet after lunch. The kids love Uncle Nick and were so excited to see him when he arrived at The Air and Space Museum. I was happy that they were hanging on someone else for a change. Juliana stayed especially close to him, holding his hand and talking non-stop as we explored.

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After Air and Space we stopped for ice cream and it started to drizzle so we stood under some trees until we finished our treats and then started walking toward the Museum of Natural History, or as my brother and I call it – Yay the Science Museum! Instead of slowing down the rain picked up and we were all soaked by the time we arrived. Between the humidity and the rain it was a very wet day.

DC-day2-9 DC-day2-12

There is a cool new exhibit called Q?rius where kids can touch and examine a huge catalogue of specimens. We pulled out samples like fossils and touched them and looked at them under microscopes. I wish we would have known about the exhibit earlier in the day; we didn’t have much time before they closed.

DC-day2-11 DC-day2-10

Once the museums started to close we started walking some more. Each of the kids had a turn riding on Uncle Nick’s back between the Museum and The Washington Monument. The sun was bright and it was hot and very humid. We reached the top of the hill and took a break for water and gummy worms.

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Next stop was the WWII Monument which was new to us. Then we said good-bye to Uncle Nick – he headed home and we took a short break before we continued our walk. Ruslan volunteered to carry the backpack for a while since I was wearing my camera; he is such a good helper.

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Our last three stops were the Korean Memorial, The Lincoln Monument, and The Vietnam Memorial.

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Then we decided to get some dinner on the way to the metro and ended up walking a very long way, taking the metro back to Rosslyn and eating near the hotel. We were all exhausted but of course the kids had energy to go swimming. It was a long day and thankfully they fell asleep without too much trouble.

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