The Same Yet Always Changing

After eight trips to Disney World, I feel at home when we visit. The familiar sights and sounds of Main Street welcome me and I am excited to visit my favorite places. The sameness of the Magic Kingdom over the years is comforting.

Cinderella’s Castle may be flooded with orange lights at Halloween and draped in icicles at Christmas, but it is still the same iconic landmark where I ate lunch when I was 10 years old and visited again when Juliana was 4.

Although there is usually a new ride, parade or show to see, I look forward to enjoying my favorite rides: Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain, and my favorite – the Tower of Terror. Experiencing them again with my children – hearing their delighted screams and giggles and seeing huge smiles on their faces – makes everything new and wonderful all over again.

As much as parts of Disney stay the same, the children…the children keep growing. This was especially obvious with Juliana on this most recent trip. She has changed so much since those early trips – she is no longer the little girl next to Minnie Mouse.

Age 4 vs now with Marie and Minnie Mouse.

marie-then marie-now
minnie-then minnie-now

Age 2 vs now – I really miss those pigtails. Riding the bus and “holding” Tinkerbell.

bus-then bus-now
tink-then tink-now

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