A decade
2 whole hands
The Big 1-0
Double Digits
Anyway you say it, Juliana is ten years old today and she couldn’t be more excited.

juliana-10c juliana-10b

The is very little middle ground with Juliana – it is either the best of times or the worst of times – everything is awesome or everything is terrible. At moments the lines between the two is very thin.

She is obsessed with cooking shows – especially challenges – cake wars, baking challenges – she takes them very seriously.

Her favorite color is blue and anything blue makes her smile. Pink is awful.

juliana-fancy1 juliana-fancy2

Juliana wants to be friends with everyone and she loves with her whole heart. She even loves her little brothers even though “Why are they so annoying? They get into my stuff! Why do they have to be so loud?”

You never need to worry about Juliana sneaking up on you. If she doesn’t run into a wall on her way or knock something over and make accidental noise; she is incapable of walking into a room without talking. Sometimes by the time I start actively listening she is halfway through a story and I have no idea what she is talking about at which point I ask her to stop, slow down and start over. The words show no signs of slowing down.

If you have known Juliana for a while, you would know that for the first 8-1/2 years of her life, she lived in dresses and skorts. Kindergarten – 3rd grade she wore pants to school one time. The summer after second grade she suddenly decided that she would wear shorts – sometimes – it was a nice mix of shorts, sun dresses, and skorts. When 3rd grade was starting I asked if she wanted uniform shorts, “No, I only wear dresses and skorts to school.”

This past summer we bought some dresses and lots of shorts. She lived in shorts and at the end of the summer those new dresses still had tags on them. Pony tails and shorts were the norm and fancy Juliana appeared to be gone.

When it was time for back to school shopping she asked for uniform shorts and pants. I didn’t buy the pants at first, I knew there would be plenty of time later, but she kept asking. And on the first cool day of the school year she happily wore pants to school. She only wanted tennis shoes for school this year, no casual flats. Now that boot season is here, I expect we will have a mix of boots and tennis shoes for the winter.

Once school started she suddenly started dressing up again whenever we were running errands in the evening or weekends – the tags came off those new dresses and the fancy shoes reappeared. So we get casual Juliana for school and fancy Juliana on the weekends. It is interesting to watch her fashion choices continue to evolve however the love of glitter shows no sign of going away.

juliana-pjs juliana-pink-dress

My baby girl is growing up, the teenage years are coming, lots of changes are in our future, and she couldn’t be more excited about all of it. Meanwhile I would give anything to freeze time for just a little while.

juliana-bench juliana-glitter-shirt

3 comments to TEN

  • Nonni

    Even with all the changes,she is still so very loving. She’s in that wonderful mixed between child and teenager. She’s going to make the transition fine because she has such a spectacular Mother.

  • hello haha narf

    happy, happy birthday to your sweet juliana!! she is a true gift.

  • I can’t believe she’s ten. That is such big number! Double digits!

    It’s interesting that she’s going more casual to school now. If her school is like Alex’s, nearly all of the kids wear sports clothes all the time. Doesn’t matter what day it is: athletic pants, neon sneakers, t-shirts. (Obviously uniform is different than that, but I wonder if that’s just what kids do?)

    Belated happy birthday to Juliana :) I hope she had a great day!