Farewell 2015

After 10 years of working from a home office, I had to start commuting a few days a week which toppled the work-life balance once again. I also managed a huge project which pushed the balance more to the work side. Work hat versus Mom hat, the balance effort continues.

Although Juliana had pneumonia in December, most of us had a healthy year. Scott developed neck pain and numbness in his arm/hand in the spring which resulted in disc surgery in September – this was my least favorite part of the year. Now on to some of the 2015 highlights.

Juliana finished third grade and started fourth. The boys graduated Kindergarten and moved on to first grade.

2015f 2015e
2015g 2015h

We went on several vacations last year. Scott and I went on a cruise which we timed perfectly with one of the coldest weeks of the winter in Pittsburgh. School was closed three days that week while we were cruising tropical waters and visiting Honduras, Belize and Mexico.


We went on a quick family vacation to Washington, DC in July. We dragged the kids through lots of museums and memorials.

dc-day3-7 DC-day2-25

In September we split our vacations. Scott went to Ireland with his parents and brother and I took the kids and my mom to Disney World.

ireland1 ireland2
2015o 2015p

We went to several concerts with friends.

2015a 2015b
2015c 2015d

This was the third year that we had season passes for Kennywood. In addition to taking all of the kids several times and going with friends, I also took each child for a solo day where they got to choose all of the rides. Wyatt was tall enough to ride several more thrill rides and he took full advantage.

2015i 2015j
2015k 2015l

After a few years of going to a fair amount of Pirates games we purchased 2 seats of 20-game season tickets. Since Scott wasn’t able to attend many games I went to a lot of baseball games this summer.

2015n 2015m

It wasn’t a perfect year but there were a lot of good times.

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