Wyatt has a Way with Words

Wyatt was asking for a pencil to work in his Word Search book in bed. My mom told him he shouldn’t take a pencil to bed in case he falls asleep with it. Wyatt: “You think I don’t know how to use a pencil? I use a pencil every day at school.”


Juliana had a sewing class and Scott was walking through JoAnn’s with the boys. Before they came in the store, he had warned them not to touch anything. As they were walking, they started talking – “I’m touching my arm.”, “I’m touching my head.”, “I’m touching my knee”, until Wyatt started yelling, “I’m touching myself, I’m touching myself, I’m touching myself.”


Wyatt was procrastinating at bedtime and would not stop talking. I told him to go to bed and he kept talking. I stopped him and said, “Wyatt what do you think Mommy wants you to do?” He responded with “come and snuggle with you”. Sure, I can’t turn down Wyatt snuggles even if it is past his bedtime.


My Dad occasionally takes both boys out to dinner on a weeknight when I am still working. Recently he was driving to dinner with the boys. They had already decided where they were going, but Wyatt was still negotiating.
W: G, How about if I pay you $3 to go to the other place instead?
G: I don’t want to go there.
W: How about $10?
G: No.
W: *thinks for a minute* OK, What if I give you $10 and a pig?
G: I want to see the pig.
W: I don’t have the pig now but I will give it to you later.

After a pause, Ruslan broke the silence and in a very man-to-man voice said, “G, You’re not getting a pig.”


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