The Mansion House

This story started several months ago. The boys often talk about growing up and buying a house. Sometimes they decide that they will live together when they grow-up but Wyatt has a new plan now. One day he asked about really big houses and someone said, “you mean a mansion?” “YES, I am going to live in a Mansion House when I get big”, Wyatt replied.

Weeks later, Wyatt informed my mom (Nonni) that she could come live with him in his Mansion House and he mentions this house on a regular basis. It seemed like Wyatt was concerned about taking care of Nonni.

One day Wyatt was spending the night at Nonni’s and while she was cooking a cheeseburger for him, he told her that she would be able to cook for him at his Mansion House and she would also be able to do his laundry. It no longer sounds like Wyatt is planning to take care of Nonni.

This past weekend, he asked Nonni if there are houses with elevators. She told him that sometimes big houses have elevators and maybe his mansion house would have an elevator. She went on to explain that she might have trouble walking up stairs and an elevator would be helpful. He didn’t respond and walked away.

He returned 10 minutes later and told Nonni that his Mansion House probably wouldn’t have an elevator. But she shouldn’t worry about the stairs. “If the Mansion House doesn’t have an elevator, I will get you a jet pack instead.”


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