His and Hers Neck Surgery Scars

This story started 5 weeks ago tonight when I slipped and fell on our stairs and landed hard on my right hip. Wednesday morning when I could still barely walk I called the Doctor’s office and they told me to go to the ER for x-rays. The x-rays were negative and they told me to stay off my feet as much as possible and follow-up with my Dr in a week if it was still bothering me.

It was still bothering me so I went to the Dr and while I was there I mentioned that I wanted to have my thyroid evaluated. My thyroid has also been large since I was a teenager but seems to have changed in recent months. After evaluating, the Dr ordered blood work and an ultrasound – both completed that day. By the end of the day my results were back and more tests were ordered.

The next week Ruslan fell off his bike and broke a finger and I had more x-rays on my hip and an ortho consult. I learned that I have something called Femoral Acetabular Impingement Syndrome in both hips and I aggravated it when I fell. FAI occurs when the hip bone doesn’t develop correctly in childhood – most people with FAI never know that they have it unless they have an injury. The Dr prescribed physical therapy which I have not had time to schedule yet.

The Wednesday before Memorial Day I had a Fine Needle Aspiration on my thyroid. They numbed my neck and took samples of the nodules on my thyroid. Late Friday afternoon my Dr called with the preliminary pathology report and recommended that I schedule an appointment with a thyroid surgeon to discuss options.

Last Thursday morning Scott and I went to my appointment and the surgeon described the options at which point I agreed that the risks associated with keeping my thyroid were greater than the risks of surgery to remove it. She consulted her calendar and told me that she had a spot for Tuesday that was blocked and did I want to have the surgery in a few days or wait a few weeks. I decided to get it over with so we scheduled the surgery. They had already scheduled a pre-op appointment for me at the hospital but we had time for lunch first. Then it was time for an EKG, more blood work, and lots of medical history questions at my pre-op appointment.

Thursday evening we told the kids that I was going to have surgery and Juliana was very concerned and sad so I pointed at the scar on Scott’s neck from his surgery last fall and explained that the surgery would fine and in the end I would have a scar similar to one on Daddy’s neck. The boys thought this was hilarious and even Juliana laughed.

So tomorrow morning we will get up and go to the hospital and I will have a full thyroidectomy. I won’t miss my large, lumpy thyroid.

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  • hello haha narf

    not sure what to say other than please to be healing quickly. you are so very loved and needed.