The Big Scary Monster

The house was quiet and everyone was in bed for the night. I went back downstairs to fill my water bottle and Juliana suddenly appeared in the kitchen doorway (no idea how the kids manage to be so quiet late at night).

She was huddled in a blanket and it was wrapped all the way around her head so I could only see her face. I asked why she was downstairs and she told me that she had a nightmare. Then she started to describe it – she was sound asleep and a big, scary monster attacked her in her bed and she was really scared and couldn’t fall back asleep.

I started laughing and she stared at me. I laughed more and she looked confused. I finally stopped laughing long enough to tell her that I was the one who was in her room and she smiled and said “you were the big, scary monster?”

I explained that I was checking on her as I do every night before I go to bed and in the process I noticed that her head was awkwardly twisted and under her pillow. So I stood on her ladder and reached under her head to shift her. Of course she was out cold, and I could barely reach her head, and the small shift ended up being more vigorous than planned. But she didn’t wake up in the process so I left her room.

She thought that this was all very funny and we walked back upstairs together. We found Scott at the top of the stairs; he had gotten out of bed to investigate the source of the laughter. Juliana announced that she thought I was a big, scary monster, hugged both of us and went back to bed. Easiest nightmare resolution ever.
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