The First Concert That Was Just For Her

I love concerts and I have taken Juliana along to several over the past few years, but this was the first concert we went to that was purely for her – 19-yr old singers are a little young for me. The Shawn Mendes tickets were a complete surprise – I purchased them last fall and wrapped them for Christmas.

Juliana is difficult to surprise for Christmas and most of the things that she asked for were small – earrings, books, art supplies, headphones, and a wax warmer. I wrapped the concert tickets with the wax for the wax warmer and tucked that box behind everything else. It was the last present that she opened and she expected it to be the wax. She slowly looked at the wax and then noticed the envelope – her reaction is priceless.

The concert was last week and I had not mentally prepared myself for the volume of tweens and teens as well as the continual high pitched screaming. The screaming was so loud and you will be shocked to know that Juliana had no voice the next morning. This was the first concert we’ve attended that there was a crowd of parents waiting outside the arena after the show to pick-up their children.

It may not have been my favorite concert, but I’m still glad I got to watch her enjoy the show!

smconcert1 smconcert2

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