The Pose

It’s one of those things that I just hadn’t noticed until I did and now I see it everywhere. On the way to the beach this summer I posted a picture of the three kids in front of a BBQ restaurant that we discovered on our trip last year. And then I posted a picture from the same spot from the previous year and someone mentioned that Juliana was posed the same – with her left arm across her body holding her right arm. She poses like that all of the time and I had never noticed – sometimes her arm is just above her wrist and other times it is at her elbow, but it’s always the same arm. Here are the year/year pictures and some other examples.

pose7 pose8pose6 pose5




So it’s a regular thing even on the first day of school. Of course once we discovered it, this picture had to happen. And there is no need to mention how grown-up she is…

pose3 pose4


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