The Perfect Addition


From the first moment I saw this house 4 years ago, I loved almost everything about it. The rest was cosmetic and we have been slowly working on changes. There were 3 large panels with Chinese drawings separating the front entrance from the living room. It makes sense to have a division between the . . . → Read More: The Perfect Addition

Brothers Stick Together


Ruslan and Wyatt are complete best friends. Given a choice they will spend every waking moment together – playing nicely, chasing each other, fighting over toys, snuggling to watch a movie together. We attended a Build-A-Bear workshop birthday party last week and all of the children were sitting in a circle together. The party coordinator . . . → Read More: Brothers Stick Together

A Vacation Summary in Tweets


Last year when Scott and I were preparing to go on our first cruise, I was worried about being disconnected. I wanted to relax and have fun and why did that mean taking away the internet. However, when we docked at the end of those five days and I turned my cellular connection back . . . → Read More: A Vacation Summary in Tweets

Many Years of Christmas PJs


When my friend Jenna wrote about Christmas jammies and posted pictures of her boys through the years, I made a note to pull pictures of my kids. Each year I track down Christmas pajamas for the kids and my first preference is always penguins – this year I bought the same pjs for Juliana . . . → Read More: Many Years of Christmas PJs

Farewell 2013


2013 started out well – Juliana continued to thrive in first grade, Ruslan started preschool in January and Wyatt finally joined him in April.

Scott and I ran away on a last minute cruise that was amazing.  And then 2 weeks later Scott was in a car accident and the next few months were . . . → Read More: Farewell 2013

Ready Or Not – Christmas is Coming


I feel so unprepared for Christmas this year. The month of December went by in a blink. Thanksgiving came and went and then we went to Disney World. Scott had National Guard the weekend after vacation and then I left for a business trip on Monday. By the time I returned December was half . . . → Read More: Ready Or Not – Christmas is Coming

$100 Spending Money at Disney World


Aunt Nancy gave each of the children $100 to spend while we were at Disney World. My prediction going into the week was that Wyatt would quickly spend all of his money, Juliana would be very careful about her purchases but spend the money if she found something she really wanted, and Ruslan would . . . → Read More: $100 Spending Money at Disney World


When the lights go off its sho

Before and After – Kid’s Bathroom Edition


The kid’s bathroom was one of the priority rooms to complete before we moved into the house. Exhibit A – the wallpaper – no picture can capture the horror. Metallic silver and gold sky-scrapers on the walls and they even covered the dual medicine cabinets with the wall paper. Did I mention that the . . . → Read More: Before and After – Kid’s Bathroom Edition

Mommy’s Chili Shack


Juliana is a very picky eater who can survive for long periods of time on nothing but pasta (generally plain, occasionally with sauce), berries, hard boiled eggs (the white only) waffles and cereal.  It is very difficult to get her to try new things and she will usually say that she doesn’t like it before . . . → Read More: Mommy’s Chili Shack