Juliana’s Birthday – Part 2

After lunch Juliana, Nonni and I went to ToysRUs. Juliana had been in the store on days when other children were celebrating their birthday and she was excited to be the birthday girl. My grandmother and brother both sent money for her birthday so she had fun picking out presents for herself. Before we arrived, she . . . → Read More: Juliana’s Birthday – Part 2

Juliana’s Birthday – Part 1

Our day was far too busy to fit into one blog post…way to many pictures to tell the story.

Scott and I woke Juliana up together.  As she sleepily opened her eyes, she realized it was her birthday and smiled.  When asked how old she was she was happy to display 4 fingers.

While . . . → Read More: Juliana’s Birthday – Part 1


Juliana is 4 years old today.

Each morning Juliana wakes up between 7:00 and 8:00 filled with energy.  During the week we walk around the block to the school where Juliana has preschool and the boys are in the infant program.  She walks with me to take the boys to their room and then we walk . . . → Read More: Four