Crowns, High Heels and Pretty Hair


The boys will happily play with anything that she leaves out, that includes all sorts of princess stuff.  Sometimes Juliana “helps” them accessorize and other times they do it on their own.  Wyatt currently loves wearing a hat and found the Belle crown to be irresistible.

Usually the boys get very upset if . . . → Read More: Crowns, High Heels and Pretty Hair

Nice Necklace Little Monkey


It’s All About Juliana


This is the conversation that Juliana and I had while we walked home from childcare today.

M: I went to the Dr today. J: Why? M: Because I have been sick all week J: Can I have a freeze pop when we get home? M: And I have medicine that I am going to . . . → Read More: It’s All About Juliana