Happy Father’s Day


Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads especially my Dad and Scott!  Here is the present that I gave Scott for Father’s day.  Another Pinterest inspiration from this blog post.

Juliana painted some of the letters.

One morning we went outside and I gave them each a letter to hold.  Juliana did . . . → Read More: Happy Father’s Day

Valentine’s Day


We put the boys in their cribs and cover them up each night and sometimes they go to sleep immediately and other nights one or both of them jump up and down and yell, or throw their stuffed animals and blankets onto the floor or into their brother’s crib… When I take Juliana upstairs for bed an . . . → Read More: Valentine’s Day

Happy Super Friday


With the Super Bowl just days away, it was black and gold day at school today.  The boys look so grown up in their jeans and sweatshirts.  I took lots of pictures, hoping for that allusive good picture of all 3 of them together.  This was the best of them.

Wyatt . . . → Read More: Happy Super Friday

Our Saturday Adventure to Soergel’s Farm


Since Scott returned home from Guam, we have been trying to have a family outing each Saturday.  Something kid friendly followed by dinner out with the kids (2 parents vs 3 kids at a restaurant – 2 of whom throw food and sippy cups on occasion…it gets interesting).

This past Saturday we decided to go . . . → Read More: Our Saturday Adventure to Soergel’s Farm

Happy 4th of July



Whenever I hear someone say, “She has 3 kids”, I look to see who that person is talking about. Even after a year, it seems weird to me that I have 3 children. We should be at the point now where things should be running smoothly, right? It’s been a year, Juliana is 4-1/2, . . . → Read More: Three

Real Life

As I was catching up on photos from the past week, this one stopped me.  There is so much happening in this picture – it captures a lot of what it is like to have 3 young children.  The picture was taken in the evening after picking up the kids.  The boys had . . . → Read More: Real Life