Dramatic and Inventive

There are always a few gems in the stack of Mother’s Day projects. This list from Juliana is one of my favorites.

It is titled “I Am Poem” and it covers a range of emotions.

I hear Butterfly’s Wings Flap and I touch The Sun’s Beams and I see the future.

I wonder how . . . → Read More: Dramatic and Inventive

First Grade and the Super Star Reader


Juliana starts second grade one week from today so it’s time to wrap-up first grade.

I loved everything about Juliana’s first grade year – her teacher, her classmates, how much she grew this past year. First grade is the first year of school with tests and letter grades and expectations that they will be able to . . . → Read More: First Grade and the Super Star Reader

The Artist


If Juliana is sitting still, it’s probably because she is busy with an art project. She keeps a pencil box in her backpack -inside she carries the supplies for her latest art project so she can create on the bus. The pencil box currently holds puppet making supplies – she figured out how to make . . . → Read More: The Artist

I Found Her Quiet Voice


“Juliana, please lower your voice.” “Stop yelling!” “Your brothers are asleep, you need to whisper.” All day long these are the things that I say to her and usually she keeps talking at the same volume. It is as if she turned 6 and that sometimes quiet / inside voice went away forever.

Today Juliana’s . . . → Read More: I Found Her Quiet Voice

They Can’t All be Awesome Days

The school bus pulls up in front of the house and I watch her blond head pop out of her seat and walk to the steps. She bounces across the street, runs up the sidewalk and flies through the front door – she exudes energy as she tosses her coat and backpack and kicks . . . → Read More: They Can’t All be Awesome Days

The Long Weekend Wrap-up


We had a good, almost relaxing long weekend. Thanksgiving with my parents and a few family friends was filled with tons of yummy food. My morning with the boys was spent watching the parade and snuggling on the couch – a relaxing way to spend the morning together.

Juliana kept busy while the turkey . . . → Read More: The Long Weekend Wrap-up

Our Differences Make Us Who We Are


After the ultrasound where we found out we were having twins, we stopped at a bookstore so I could buy a book about twins.  I read the section on the first year with twins over and over during the remainder of my pregnancy – trying to make myself believe that we would survive. One . . . → Read More: Our Differences Make Us Who We Are

We Had No Idea How Lucky We Were


When Juliana was 18-months old, she got her first ear infection.  Each winter she would get the one-day stomach virus that was sweeping through daycare.  Last year she was sick for a week with the flu (that was a rough week).  I can count on one hand the number of phone calls I have . . . → Read More: We Had No Idea How Lucky We Were

Juliana is Thankful


I never know what to expect when I start going through the paperwork and projects that come home with Juliana each day.  Today this picture came home – Juliana is thankful for her brothers.  I love the surprise of a thanksgiving turkey on a hot summer day, the stick drawings of her brothers, and . . . → Read More: Juliana is Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving

. . . → Read More: Happy Thanksgiving