Saturday in Pictures


Mother’s Day was a quiet day spent at home. It was raining so the kids spent the day in their pjs. We really needed a day at home after several weekends where we were constantly on the go. Yesterday started with haircuts for all 3 kids followed by playtime at home and naps for the . . . → Read More: Saturday in Pictures

Future Offensive Lineman


Ruslan runs fast, plays hard, throws a ball straight and when you get hit in the back of the head with the ball you know it. We have been calling him our future offensive lineman – something to do with his build and the way he runs.

One of our regular evening activities is . . . → Read More: Future Offensive Lineman

Hands Free Football


This picture may be worth a thousand words, but it is leaving me speechless. What? Why? It was just as confusing when he was running toward me in the front yard this evening.


Playing Catch


Ruslan has discovered the joy of playing catch.  He loves to throw and he has some catching skills as well.  He prefers playing catch to watching TV or any other sedentary activity and he can throw the ball with distance and accuracy.  We have been practicing rolling skills especially in the house, but he . . . → Read More: Playing Catch

Sunny Days Make Me Smile

No matter what else is going on – a warm, sunny day makes everything a little brighter.  Cold, dark and rainy days only motivate me to want to crawl back into bad.  I may not want to work when the sun is shining, but at least I am a little bit happier in the . . . → Read More: Sunny Days Make Me Smile