Wyatt’s Second Favorite Day


I made a promise to the kids at the beginning of the summer – they would each get one afternoon at Kennywood alone with me. At different heights and with different likes, taking the three of them together means that someone is always unhappy with the ride choice. Taking one at a time means . . . → Read More: Wyatt’s Second Favorite Day

How Do You Do It Mom


I was unloading the dishwasher Saturday afternon and Juliana was sitting at the kitchen table eating a snack. She looked up and said, “How do you do it Mom?” How do I do what I replied. “How are you such a good mom? You always give us what we need without asking. You always . . . → Read More: How Do You Do It Mom

Patience at Age Five


It was finally Ruslan’s turn for a Mommy day and he was excited to go to the Pirates game with me. There would be undivided attention from me, the promise of a treat, and he would get to run the bases after the game.

We arrived early enough for him to run through the . . . → Read More: Patience at Age Five

It’s a Good Year to Be a Pirates Fan


Wyatt has been interested in the Pirates all summer and he wears his Pirates baseball hat constantly. I often find that hat in bed with him at night. Once he found out we were going to a game in August, he asked every day when we were going and if he would wear his . . . → Read More: It’s a Good Year to Be a Pirates Fan

Double the Innings, Double the Fun


We finally made plans to take the boys to their first baseball game and arranged to go with a group of friends. The game was long, 16 innings long. It was two innings shy of two full games and there was a 7th innings stretch and a 14th inning stretch. There were also two . . . → Read More: Double the Innings, Double the Fun

Pirate Game

We took Juliana to her first baseball game a few weeks ago – the Mets were in town. It was a beautiful summer night; cool for August with a nice breeze. When we arrived at PNC Park, we walked around to look out at the river and watch the boats. Juliana spotted a smaller . . . → Read More: Pirate Game