Water Fight

The boys have taken baths together since escaping the duck tub and moving up to the big tub. Recently they went through a phase where they hated baths especially Wyatt. He would stand in the bathtub and scream while I quickly washed him and hurried him out and into his pjs.

In the . . . → Read More: Water Fight

Twins – Growing Up with a Constant Companion


The boys spend the majority of the time together. They wake-up in the morning and yell at each other and talk back and forth until I come to get them and at night they try to outdo each other by yelling the loudest and jumping the highest¬†in their cribs (at least that’s what it . . . → Read More: Twins – Growing Up with a Constant Companion

Random Happenings

Rather than adding a bunch of short posts to the site, here are some recent favorite pictures and the short stories associated with them.

I asked Juliana to stand with her brothers for a picture and she grabbed their collars to try to get them to stay.

Juliana loved to fill the shopping . . . → Read More: Random Happenings

Toddler Trouble in the Tub with Twins


When bath time started tonight we were ahead of schedule and they were so happy Рsplashing and playing nice.  I decided to grab the camera and get some new close-up pictures (easiest to do when they are relatively trapped).

As soon as I picked up the camera, these are the faces I got . . . → Read More: Toddler Trouble in the Tub with Twins

The Duck Tub Returns

We used the baby tub in the sink well beyond the recommended weight guideline, but they were perfectly happy in it up until this point.  This begins the sharing of the bathroom for Juliana and her brothers – a happy occasion today…check back when the teenage years begin.

The duck tub came out of . . . → Read More: The Duck Tub Returns


Ruslan has figured out how to get his hand in his mouth whenever he wants, so he spends a good bit of the day doing just that. In the last picture, the one where he is looking away from me…watching tv. He is fascinated with the tv whenever it is on – in this . . . → Read More: Ruslan

And Sometimes She Helps Out

One evening last week, I was about to give the boys a bath and Juliana announced that she wanted to help. I wondered if she would actually be a help, but decided it was a good idea to involve her. She ran to get the bathtub and bring it into the kitchen and then . . . → Read More: And Sometimes She Helps Out

The Past 2 Weeks at Home

The days go by so quickly between feedings, diaper changes and short naps when I try to take care of the other household activites. And that is with my mom here from 7:45 am to 10:00 pm every day…she goes back to work next week. Here’s what the boys have been up to the . . . → Read More: The Past 2 Weeks at Home