I Want My Two Hours


During the week I wake-up early enough to shower and get ready, make lunches and check work e-mail before the kids are awake. Then it is time for Juliana to get up, eat and get on her school bus. Then I get the boys ready and drive them to childcare. I return home to my . . . → Read More: I Want My Two Hours

Just This Once I Wanted to be Very Wrong


There was no doubt in my mind that the transition to big boy beds was going to be a challenge, but I wanted to be wrong. I wanted to believe that it would be as seamless as moving Juliana to a bed…but I had little hope we would get that lucky again. My two . . . → Read More: Just This Once I Wanted to be Very Wrong

In Juliana’s Bed Today

When I took Juliana up to bed last night she insisted that she needed to take 2 stuffed animals from her play-area with her. As she climbed into bed and added those new animals to the assortment that was already in her bed, I noticed that there is a lot of stuff in there. . . . → Read More: In Juliana’s Bed Today

The Big Girl Bed

Juliana is now sleeping in a Big Girl Bed. She was so happy in her crib that we were in no hurry to make this transition. But we did want to make the change a few months before the twins arrive. It seems that she was ready, she has been to visit her crib . . . → Read More: The Big Girl Bed

Clean Bean – Ready for Bed