Two Thumbs Up for Spring


The last few months can be summarized in two words: cold and snow. That means that I have pictures like this one from a March snow day with the children attached to their kindles because it was too cold to play outside.

And when it was warm enough to play outside, it meant . . . → Read More: Two Thumbs Up for Spring

Fake Spring

After many weeks of below freezing temperatures we had a brief reprieve. One of the days was actually warm – spring jacket warm. Our driveway was still covered in ice and snow and our street was narrowed by the snow piled along the sides. So I packed the van with an assortment of riding . . . → Read More: Fake Spring

We Pet an Elephant and Other Outside Fun


The winter has been long and last weekend we had a glimpse of spring – a few days of sunshine and warm temperatures. My kids need outside time and in the winter they are stuck inside too much. Once spring arrives they will spend hours each day outside. Until then I planned to make . . . → Read More: We Pet an Elephant and Other Outside Fun

The Dangers of the Tricycle


Juliana was 19 months old when we bought her tricycle and her feet barely reached the pedals. Going for a ride that first summer meant her sitting on the tricycle and someone pushing her down the sidewalk. She would occasionally try to pedal, but rarely had any interest in steering. In fact she is still easily distracted . . . → Read More: The Dangers of the Tricycle

The New Bike

When Scott and I were out for our anniversary, we went to dinner and did some shopping. Our last stop was Target (are you thinking, seriously Target on your anniversary date…just remember I don’t get to leave the house without children very often, so this shopping time was a luxury). Juliana had outgrown her . . . → Read More: The New Bike


We bought Juliana’s first “bike” this weekend – a Radio Flyer Tricycle. Scott put it together Saturday night and we left it in the basement until after her nap Sunday afternoon.

I took her outside and Scott brought the trike outside – she was so excited when she saw it and went running down . . . → Read More: Tricycle