Your Backyard Friends

Do you really need a reason for costumes? Especially when we are dressing up baby dolls and babies. On this occasion, Juliana had decided that it was Bitty Babies birthday and that Bitty and the Bitty Twins (Michael and Missy Missy Rose) should all dress-up in Halloween costumes. Then we remembered the Backyardigans costumes. . . . → Read More: Your Backyard Friends

Halloween 2008

Juliana had a busy and fun halloween. She wore a Snow White costume (from the dress-up bin) to school in the morning and they had a busy day which included – carving a pumpkin and cooking the seeds, decorating smaller individual pumpkins, a costume parade through the school, an ice cream sundae party, . . . → Read More: Halloween 2008


Today is Juliana’s 3rd Birthday! We took some pictures in her birthday dress on Sunday, she was much more happy to have her picture taken in the fairy costume.

. . . → Read More: Three!!

2-year Check-up

Juliana had her 2-yr check-up last week. She weighs only 26 lbs (30th %tile) and is 35-1/2″ tall (90th%tile).

We are really enjoying the table and chairs that we gave Juliana for her birthday. She sits and draws with her markers and plays with play-doh.

Bitty Baby got a high chair for Juliana’s birthday. . . . → Read More: 2-year Check-up

Taking Care of Bitty

Juliana is started to get very interested in baby dolls and stuffed animals.

She is now sleeping with several stuffed animals with her in her crib – she hugs them when we put her to bed.

She spends lots of time with her Bitty Baby – she carries her around, puts her in the . . . → Read More: Taking Care of Bitty

Bitty Baby Gets to Play Outside

Juliana took Bitty outside to play and insisted that she swing in the other swing and she had to hold onto the other swing as well. Bitty also went down the slide which was met with shrieks of delight. Soon Juliana was ready for some climbing and left Bitty in the . . . → Read More: Bitty Baby Gets to Play Outside