Monday Ru Update


It was a long weekend for Ru – he was generally sad and not his usual busy self. He wanted my mom or I to hold him most of the time and was happiest when we carried him on a walk down the street. He constantly asked to go outside and even though he is heavy to . . . → Read More: Monday Ru Update

Random Wyatt


We drove across town this weekend and each time we exited a tunnel Wyatt waved and said Bye-Bye tunnel.


Whenever we arrive at our destination Wyatt says All Done car. Unless we have arrived somewhere he doesn’t want to go and in that case he screams. Most evenings he screams when we turn on . . . → Read More: Random Wyatt

3 Weeks – Status

Ruslan and Wyatt are 3 weeks old today. Pictures from yesterday, Wyatt is on the darker blue blanket. Update of what’s happening here.

1 – I have mangaed to take a shower before noon almost every day since we have been home from the hospital.

2 – I left the boys for the first . . . → Read More: 3 Weeks – Status

Easter Dress Preview

I haven’t had time to sort through the 100+ pictures from Easter to find the good ones. Hopefully I will get through them and post in the next day or two. I tried to take a nice picture of Juliana in her Easter Dress – here’s some photos of what happens when I want . . . → Read More: Easter Dress Preview


I announced that it was naptime and she grabbed a blanket, spread it out on the living floor and curled up. Too cute not to snap a quick picture!