Juliana’s Rainbow-Riffic Birthday Party


Juliana loves having a birthday party – but here’s the thing – she doesn’t care where it is or what happens. She would be perfectly happy with a party in our driveway as long as it included 3 things: her friends, a cake and a piƱata.

Initially she asked to have her party at . . . → Read More: Juliana’s Rainbow-Riffic Birthday Party

Stacking Bowls

For a while I was worried because Juliana had zero interest in any sort of stacking – blocks, etc. – and this is a major developmental milestone – one of the few where she was behind the curve instead of ahead.

Suddenly she loves stacking – everything is now sorted and stacked. In this . . . → Read More: Stacking Bowls

Snack Time

A mid-morning snack on Memorial Day – grapes and milk!

A New Notes from the Past Few Days

As we were packing up for daycare Friday morning, she found one of her food bowls and insisted that she take it with her. She held it all the way to daycare and was upset when we left it in the Jeep. When I picked her up, she started asking for the bowl as . . . → Read More: A New Notes from the Past Few Days