Juliana’s Rainbow-Riffic Birthday Party


Juliana loves having a birthday party – but here’s the thing – she doesn’t care where it is or what happens. She would be perfectly happy with a party in our driveway as long as it included 3 things: her friends, a cake and a piñata.

Initially she asked to have her party at . . . → Read More: Juliana’s Rainbow-Riffic Birthday Party

If You Make a Construction Cake


I had all sorts of ideas for the boys’ birthday cake and I finally decided on a construction themed cake. I found mini construction vehicles and had plans to destroy a perfectly good chocolate cake. I made a basic cake, ripped a crater in half of it, and frosted the rest. Then I positioned the . . . → Read More: If You Make a Construction Cake

The Quietest Birthday Party Ever

Juliana had lots of ideas for her 7th birthday party – many involved everyone coming to the party dressed like mermaids. I finally came up with a few reasonable options and she chose Color Me Mine where she and her friends would paint pottery. I took her to the party store to look at . . . → Read More: The Quietest Birthday Party Ever

Celebrating Six


Juliana’s birthday celebration was spread over several days. We let her open the present from Uncle Nick Thursday night so she could take her new doll for show-and-tell on her birthday.  She loved it!

She was very excited to wake-up and start her birthday Friday morning especially when she found balloons and a . . . → Read More: Celebrating Six

Juliana’s Birthday – Part 2

After lunch Juliana, Nonni and I went to ToysRUs. Juliana had been in the store on days when other children were celebrating their birthday and she was excited to be the birthday girl. My grandmother and brother both sent money for her birthday so she had fun picking out presents for herself. Before we arrived, she . . . → Read More: Juliana’s Birthday – Part 2

More from the Hospital

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent introducing the boys to family and spending lots of time together bonding. They spent the nights in the nursery and the nurses brought them back to the room to eat. These first pictures are from their second day – we were able to start to see all of their . . . → Read More: More from the Hospital

A Yummy Cupcake

At least the frosting was yummy and you made an effort to get every bit of it off your face!

Visting Nana and Papa

We went to visit Scott’s parents today and wish Happy Birthday to Nana. Juliana was anxious to get there so that she could have a cupcake. She helped Papa fill the bird feeder and had lots of fun running around the yard. I was able to catch her in one quiet moment, but only . . . → Read More: Visting Nana and Papa