6-month Check-up

Wyatt and Ruslan had their 6-month check-up today and they got a good report – healthy and well.  Both of the boys have been coughing a lot and Ruslan has been spitting up more than usual today, but they both calmed down relatively quickly after all of their shots.  In fact they are . . . → Read More: 6-month Check-up

2-Month Check-up

2-month check-up today, the first of the immunization visits. The rotovirus vaccine is new to us (it was introduced after Juliana passed that phase) – it is an oral vaccine in a tube. Wyatt was up first and the nurse slowly squeezed it into his mouth. When it was Ruslan turn, she put . . . → Read More: 2-Month Check-up

One Month Old

The boys had their one-month check-up bright and early this morning – getting all of us dressed, ready and out the door by 8:15 was a challenge. That early morning time period is usually a good sleep time for me and the boys – so I missed out on some valuable sleep.

RuslanWeight: 8 . . . → Read More: One Month Old

Week 18 Check-up

All was well at my prenatal check-up today. Despite my stomach flu, I managed to put on a couple of pounds this month. The babies heartbeats were very different, so we definitely heard both of them today. Ultrasound this Friday where we should find out how they are growing and developing and hopefully find . . . → Read More: Week 18 Check-up

2-year Check-up

Juliana had her 2-yr check-up last week. She weighs only 26 lbs (30th %tile) and is 35-1/2″ tall (90th%tile).

We are really enjoying the table and chairs that we gave Juliana for her birthday. She sits and draws with her markers and plays with play-doh.

Bitty Baby got a high chair for Juliana’s birthday. . . . → Read More: 2-year Check-up

18-month Check-up and "Injuries"

Juliana had her 18-month check-up on Thursday (4/26). All is well. I was expecting a shot-free visit, but they have just added HepA to the recommended 12-23 months immunization list. So 1 quick shot. Official Stats Weight: 23 lbs. 3 oz. (40th percentile)Height: 33-1/2 in. (95th percentile)

At 18-months she weighs less that . . . → Read More: 18-month Check-up and "Injuries"