The First Concert That Was Just For Her


I love concerts and I have taken Juliana along to several over the past few years, but this was the first concert we went to that was purely for her – 19-yr old singers are a little young for me. The Shawn Mendes tickets were a complete surprise – I purchased them last fall . . . → Read More: The First Concert That Was Just For Her

Christmas Goodies 2016 Version

After several years of making some of the same treats for Christmas (some of the favorites are posted here), I decided to make some new random treats along with some tried and true recipes.

I made Snickerdoodles from the classic Betty Crocker Cooky Book – these are a well loved family favorite with green . . . → Read More: Christmas Goodies 2016 Version

The Story Behind The Christmas Card


There has been a family picture on our Christmas card for the past three years and that was the plan for this year as well. Coordinating outfits were selected, a location was determined and the weather was simply perfect. It was a lovely November afternoon and everything was perfect until Scott woke up sick . . . → Read More: The Story Behind The Christmas Card

Traditional Christmas with a Lot of Star Wars


I was really looking forward to Christmas this year. Juliana is heading into the pre-teen years and I know our years of wrapping lots of fun toys are numbered and soon the only present options will be electronics and gift cards. It was also a year of Star Wars presents.

My brother and sister-in-law . . . → Read More: Traditional Christmas with a Lot of Star Wars

Santa and Our Annual Christmas Card

We went to see Santa at our local mall this past weekend. When I told Juliana that we were going to see Santa, she told me that she was too old to have her picture taken with Santa. However, when it was time to leave for the mall, she had changed into a pretty . . . → Read More: Santa and Our Annual Christmas Card

The Dinosaur Love Continues


He still carries his Diplodocus around the house. He stomps and growls like a dinosaur when he wants attention. He still reads this book almost every night before bed – the covers have fallen off, pages are ripped, and he can tell you the page numbers of his favorite dinosaurs.

When my friend Rachel . . . → Read More: The Dinosaur Love Continues

Christmas Penguin PJs – 2014 Family Edition


Continuing our tradition of special pjs for Christmas morning, there were new pjs again this year. When I found the perfect penguin pjs for Juliana I was thrilled and ordered 3 sets. Then I noticed that there was an adult version as well so I added that to my shopping cart. I was about . . . → Read More: Christmas Penguin PJs – 2014 Family Edition

2014 Family Photos


A few weeks ago we met our friend Michelle at a local park to take new family photos. We lucked out with a rare day of sunshine and warmer temperatures so we were able to reward smiles with a trip to the playground after photos.

This picture of the boys is one of my new . . . → Read More: 2014 Family Photos

Holiday Traditions


This weekend we checked off some of our normal Christmas week traditions. We went to the Mall to see Santa – the same Santa as previous years but they moved to a new section of the mall so the backdrop is different than our previous pictures. The kids were still dressed up from their . . . → Read More: Holiday Traditions

Sometimes the Differences Jump Out

This year Juliana, Ruslan and Wyatt have a similar schedule – they get on the bus together each morning and come home together each afternoon, they play similar games, they watch a lot of the same shows, and they are all in that true “kid stage” of life (Kindergarten-4th grade). There lives are very similar despite . . . → Read More: Sometimes the Differences Jump Out