On the One Month Anniversary of Christmas


On the One Month Anniversary of Christmas, I finally found time to write about Christmas.

Between Thanksgiving and vacation and business travel we got a late start on Christmas decorating. Eventually the tree was up and then the train and the Christmas village joined a week later. The kids spent hours rearranging thing and . . . → Read More: On the One Month Anniversary of Christmas

Many Years of Christmas PJs


When my friend Jenna wrote about Christmas jammies and posted pictures of her boys through the years, I made a note to pull pictures of my kids. Each year I track down Christmas pajamas for the kids and my first preference is always penguins – this year I bought the same pjs for Juliana . . . → Read More: Many Years of Christmas PJs

It’s All About the Cars


Like Wyatt, Ruslan also asked for bongo drums for Christmas. He likes drums as well but I was surprised that he kept asking for them. Santa brought him the same drums as Wyatt and although he was happy when he opened them, he set them aside and opened more presents. I steered him toward . . . → Read More: It’s All About the Cars

My Little Drummer Boy

From the time Wyatt knew he could make Christmas requests this year, he remained consistent – I want Conga Lessons. Occasionally he would add another instrument to the list – I want bongos and a guitar or I want bongos and a trumpet, but always the bongos. Leading up to Christmas everything in our house . . . → Read More: My Little Drummer Boy

Our Merry Christmas


Last Sunday we watched the Steelers game at our house and the boys had so much fun running wild with my brother. Uncle Nick is one of Wyatt’s favorite playmates. Every time Nick sat down, Wyatt found a place near him. Wyatt makes the most of our short visits with Nick.

In the . . . → Read More: Our Merry Christmas

It Must Be Santa


We made our annual trek to the mall to see Santa today. Wyatt has been telling me for weeks that he would not cry, while Ruslan told me he doesn’t like Santa and did not want to go. Let’s take a moment to revisit the past 2 years of Santa pictures…I love the 2010 . . . → Read More: It Must Be Santa

Decking the Halls


There are people who decorate as soon as Halloween is over. Others like to have their Christmas decorations up for Thanksgiving and a lot of people decorate as soon as Thanksgiving is over. I think one month is plenty of time for the Christmas tree so we usually put it up on or after . . . → Read More: Decking the Halls

Christmas 2011


I double-checked to make sure Juliana was asleep before I started to carry all of the presents down the stairs. I placed all of the presents from Mommy and Daddy under the tree. Then I filled the stockings and arranged the Santa piles along the wall. I was so excited for the morning I had . . . → Read More: Christmas 2011

Santa Delivered


Yes it’s 2012 and I am still talking about Christmas. I got a much needed new computer for Christmas which is awesome! Last week was filled with kids home and one that was sick, a sleepover at our house for Juliana and one of her friends, trying to organize new toys, family visiting, and a . . . → Read More: Santa Delivered

Elfie – His Final Adventures

Elfie spent the remainder of the month finding new places to hide. Some days I had a great idea and others I stuck him whereever I could think of before going to bed. I am impressed that I didn’t forget to move him once during the month. And Juliana continued to be excited to find . . . → Read More: Elfie – His Final Adventures