November Weekends

We’ve had an incredible stretch of November weather. That weather was incremental in a big backyard project being accomplished (more on that soon) and lots of playing outside. I have one goal for trips to parks and playgrounds – make the kids use as much energy as possible. Sure I want them to have . . . → Read More: November Weekends

Return of the Wild Boys


I thought that the wild climbing stage had passed; I was sure it was behind us. It had been months since the boys climbed to the top of the play kitchen, and I was finally able to let them play in the playroom for more than five minutes alone. I was so very wrong. Summer . . . → Read More: Return of the Wild Boys

Some Days I Think I am Good at this Parenting Thing


Today is not one of those days. I am not feeling well so my patience was lower than normal making it more difficult to manage the chaos and it’s as if the boys could sense my exhaustion.

A calm breakfast was interrupted by a plate of pancakes, syrup and blueberries being launched across the . . . → Read More: Some Days I Think I am Good at this Parenting Thing

A Rainy Saturday Morning

It was dark and raining Saturday morning so we didn’t play outside.  The boys found an alternate method to burn off some energy with a box and some packaging materials. You need to turn up your volume to fully appreciate the noise level associated with their wild good time. Running, sliding, yelling…this kept them . . . → Read More: A Rainy Saturday Morning

Life with 2 Two-Years Olds


Our days are filled with many highs and lows and you never know when you are going to jump from high to low.  My heart is filled with joy each morning when I scoop Ru out of his crib with my left arm and Wy out if his crib in my right arm.  They . . . → Read More: Life with 2 Two-Years Olds

Continuing with the Climbing Theme


The boys are no longer content to stand on the toy storage unit (that contains no toys because they dump the bins out)…no, they now try to sit on the windowsill and there are daily attempts at standing on it.

Sometimes the coffee table turns into a stage for an impromptu dance . . . → Read More: Continuing with the Climbing Theme

The Best Thing About the New House


There are a lot of reasons that we are buying a new house.  One of the things I am most looking forward to is the playroom – a room just for toys and wild children – yes, please!

I have the furniture and placement planned for most of the rooms.  One day Scott was . . . → Read More: The Best Thing About the New House

Wyatt the Climber


Wyatt has a new trick.  I didn’t see him do it the first time.  I discovered that he could do this when I walked in the room and he was happily sitting in the chair.  Wyatt loves to climb – I’m happy that he didn’t flip the chair over in the process.  It’s not . . . → Read More: Wyatt the Climber

We Had No Idea How Lucky We Were


When Juliana was 18-months old, she got her first ear infection.  Each winter she would get the one-day stomach virus that was sweeping through daycare.  Last year she was sick for a week with the flu (that was a rough week).  I can count on one hand the number of phone calls I have . . . → Read More: We Had No Idea How Lucky We Were

Wyatt at 18-Months


Wyatt is determined and analytical. When he sees something he wants, he walks with purpose staring in that direction, rarely running. He will sit and look at a toy or food for a while, trying to decide what it is and if he wants it.

Determined for Wyatt also equals stubborn. He gets mad . . . → Read More: Wyatt at 18-Months