Stubborn but Oh So Cute

Wyatt thrives on routine. He is happiest when he knows what to expect next. It has been unseasonably warm in Pittsburgh for the past week, hot in fact. Last Saturday I put a short-sleeve t-shirt on Wyatt and he completely flipped out. He started pulling on the sleeves trying to stretch them down his . . . → Read More: Stubborn but Oh So Cute

My Little Fashionista


In January we found out that we had secured a lottery spot in the Charter school we picked out for Juliana.  We started to slowly talk about the new school with Juliana.  At first she was very sad about leaving her current school and her friends and her teachers.  She is very nervous about going . . . → Read More: My Little Fashionista

Empty the Basket


A current favorite game is playing empty the clean clothes out of the laundry basket.  I do a lot of laundry and most of the time there is a basket or two of clothes waiting to be folded and put away.  And usually I just leave Ruslan and Wyatt’s clothes in the living room . . . → Read More: Empty the Basket


How can my little girl be big enough to button her shirt all by . . . → Read More: Buttons


When Juliana was a baby we didn’t know for sure that we would have more children, but we always thought it was a possibility so we saved everything. All of the general baby stuff – bouncy seats, swing, crib aquarium, etc. was gender neutral so we were able to use it again. We even . . . → Read More: Babies

Little Men

Clothes for baby girls are the cutest…I still find myself looking at the new baby girl clothes when I am shopping for the boys. Basic baby clothes are primarily the same – same soft fabrics, t-shirts with or without snaps, sweat pants, one piece sleep-n-plays, etc. The difference is the patterns and colors and . . . → Read More: Little Men

The Layered Look

When we were shopping for Juliana’s spring/summer clothes, we bought a lot of mix/match options that could be layered – leggings, skirts, tunic dresses, short/long-sleeve shirt options. After wearing some of the different outfits, she requested leggings and a dress one day because…”people tell me I am pretty when I wear these outfits”.

. . . → Read More: The Layered Look

Toddler Time

Juliana has finished her transition from “Lullaby Level” to “Toddler Time” (18 – 36 months) at daycare. This is the first week that she has been with the toddlers all day and she is doing great! Wednesday was backwards day – clothes on backwards…I wanted to get a few quick pictures before we left . . . → Read More: Toddler Time