How Old Were You?

Juliana loves math and all things related to numbers – How much do things cost? How many minutes with it take? How many inches tall is that? At lunch this weekend, Juliana argued that toys are a better use of money than food, because toys last longer.

In the car she launched into another series of questions: . . . → Read More: How Old Were You?

When I Grow Up


One day this week the boys came home with an “All About Me” sheet. It was a good rainy day activity – ask the kids questions and record the answers.

Here are some of Ruslan’s comments:

My favorite color: purple and red My favorite movie: Dora (interesting since he hasn’t asked to watch Dora . . . → Read More: When I Grow Up

Random Ruslan and Wyatt


Both boys talk so much now. They have a lot to tell me and each other and they have started imagination play where their stuffed animals talk to each other – there is a constant stream of words flowing at our house.

It is a lot of fun to watch them and I love . . . → Read More: Random Ruslan and Wyatt

Lost in Translation


Yesterday Ruslan spent the last part of the day with the older kids including Reagan, a little girl who is in preschool now and has always liked Ruslan. On the way home, we had the following conversation.

M: Did you have fun playing with Reagan? R: Yes. M: If you go to preschool you can . . . → Read More: Lost in Translation

Saturday Conversations


Car rides with all 3 kids are never boring – there is yelling and crying and fighting and laughing and singing and chatter amongst them. Our short drive to the zoo on Saturday was no exception. We were not far from home when this conversation with Ruslan started.

R: I see a yellow fire! . . . → Read More: Saturday Conversations

Return of Destructo Baby


Shortly after Ruslan turned one, he earned the name destructo baby. One minute he would be laughing and smiling and happily playing and he would suddenly start destroying whatever was in his path – dumping buckets of toys, clearing a table in a single swipe, taking toys away from Wyatt, throwing all of the . . . → Read More: Return of Destructo Baby

Random Juliana


M: Are you done cleaning your room? J: Yes, it is very clean. I was able to dance around my room without stepping on anything.


One evening while the kids were playing outside and I was taking pictures, Juliana decided to pose. After a few minutes she announced that we needed to wait . . . → Read More: Random Juliana

Bridges, Water, Trains and Castles


Wyatt’s favorite restaurant is Red Robin, but I think it is more about the location than the food because he also gets excited about going to Costco. If we tell him we are going to either place he starts yelling “Bridges, Water, Trains and Castles!” The shopping center, the Waterfront, is located along a river and . . . → Read More: Bridges, Water, Trains and Castles

A Rare Weeknight Out with my Girl


Our regular evening routine usually finds us at home – dinner, playtime, baths, homework, bed… Today I picked up Juliana from her after-school program and we went to dinner. Eat-n-Park is her current favorite restaurant because she orders salad bar and that means she gets food immediately; she does not like to wait a . . . → Read More: A Rare Weeknight Out with my Girl

It’s a Wolf


A few months ago the boys watched an episode of Super Why based on the story of the Three Little Pigs. They watched it and watched it and watched it…every day it was the show they picked to watch after dinner for weeks. And the story started to trickle into their play time. Every . . . → Read More: It’s a Wolf