Christmas Goodies 2016 Version

After several years of making some of the same treats for Christmas (some of the favorites are posted here), I decided to make some new random treats along with some tried and true recipes.

I made Snickerdoodles from the classic Betty Crocker Cooky Book – these are a well loved family favorite with green . . . → Read More: Christmas Goodies 2016 Version

Christmas Goodies


Most of my spare time over the past week has been spent making Christmas goodies. I made some favorites this year as well as lots of new treats. I tried to make some things that are gluten-free like the toffee and I made a separate batch of the salted caramel pretzel bark with gluten-free . . . → Read More: Christmas Goodies

Christmas Cutouts

I have wonderful memories of making and eating cutout cookies at Christmas as a child.  My mom would roll-out the dough and do all of the other hard work and my brother and I would do some decorating (but eventually that changes from fun to work and we would quit) and lots of eating.  Cutouts, . . . → Read More: Christmas Cutouts

Baking Cookies

I attended a gathering of Pittsburgh Blogger Moms yesterday (it was nice to meet all of you!) and we had a cookie swap. Scott and Juliana did most of the cookie baking while I provided some brief supervision. Juliana loves to stand on a chair and help with the measuring and stirring, Daddy wasn’t . . . → Read More: Baking Cookies