Halloween 2011 – Superheroes


I decided on the superhero theme several months agoand I expected Juliana to veto the idea. She told me that she wanted to be a super model and I said how about a superhero instead. She thought about it and asked if she would get to wear a dress and then agreed. I wanted . . . → Read More: Halloween 2011 – Superheroes

Halloween 2009

Juliana went through many costume options during the week.  She went to a Halloween party as Snow White.  Most days she came home from school and was Tinkerbell for the rest of the evening.  For the preschool party on Friday, she wore her Jasmine costume from last Halloween which fit perfectly this year.   She . . . → Read More: Halloween 2009

Your Backyard Friends

Do you really need a reason for costumes? Especially when we are dressing up baby dolls and babies. On this occasion, Juliana had decided that it was Bitty Babies birthday and that Bitty and the Bitty Twins (Michael and Missy Missy Rose) should all dress-up in Halloween costumes. Then we remembered the Backyardigans costumes. . . . → Read More: Your Backyard Friends

Halloween Monkey

Juliana was very excited to get dressed in her costume. We did a quick practice run at home – of course she wanted to open the treat right away…

After about 4 houses, she sat down on the sidewalk to go through her bucket of treats – she seemed satisfied with what . . . → Read More: Halloween Monkey