Sunny Days Make Me Smile

No matter what else is going on – a warm, sunny day makes everything a little brighter.  Cold, dark and rainy days only motivate me to want to crawl back into bad.  I may not want to work when the sun is shining, but at least I am a little bit happier in the . . . → Read More: Sunny Days Make Me Smile

Wyatt Needs a Fanny Pack

Both boys are constantly on the go.  And when Wyatt sets off across the room, he doesn’t want to leave his toy behind so he transfers it from hand to mouth and off he . . . → Read More: Wyatt Needs a Fanny Pack


Once the boys figured out the forward motion of crawling, they started getting around really fast.  They see something that they want on the other side of the room and race off to get it. They crawl over objects and each other to reach their destination.  Whenever I want Wyatt to crawl to me, . . . → Read More: Crawling

More Adventures in Backwards Crawling

Not only is Ruslan still having fun with crawling backwards, he is getting really fast.  Once he gets the hang of moving forward, he is going to be getting into everything.  While I am sitting there playing with them, Ruslan hangs out and plays with the toys.  As soon as I leave the room . . . → Read More: More Adventures in Backwards Crawling

Ruslan Crawling

Ruslan is getting really good at crawling…unfortunately he only crawls backward.  He crawls as far as he can until he gets stuck somewhere, like here when he crawled under the . . . → Read More: Ruslan Crawling