Big Boy Beds


We knew it was time to move Ruslan and Wyatt to big boy beds, but we weren’t looking forward to it…too much freedom for 2 wild boys. When we moved Juliana to a big bed, nothing changed. We put her in bed, she went to sleep, and she stayed in bed until I went to get . . . → Read More: Big Boy Beds

Cribs Tents for the Boys


We crib tented with Juliana when she dove out of her crib before she turned two and that worked well for us.  So it wasn’t a question of if we would crib tent with the boys, but when to do it.  I decided to add the tents last week for a few reasons.  The . . . → Read More: Cribs Tents for the Boys

10 Random Photos from the Past Month

1 – Eating birthday cake for Uncle Nick on SuperBowl Sunday

2 – Showing me the butterfly dance that they were doing in music class at school that day

3 – Eating Lik-N-Stik for the first time

4 – Looking at all of her valentines.

5 – Snuggling puppies . . . → Read More: 10 Random Photos from the Past Month