Kennywood – June 2009

We went to Kennywood today – the weather was beautiful and the park was not crowded – short lines for most of the rides. The boys were with us, but their only ride was in the stroller. Juliana went on a few rides in Kiddyland and was bored…she is into the big rides now. . . . → Read More: Kennywood – June 2009


Scott started a new exercise program this week and Juliana is fascinated (let’s not focus on the fact that our child is memerized by exercise occuring in our home)…

She has joined Scott for bits and pieces when he has been exercising and she is home. Standing moves are particularly entertaining as she transitions . . . → Read More: Exercise

Last Week of Preschool

Last week was the final week of preschool for the year. She will be spending the summer at the school’s childcare program and back for 4-yr preschool in the fall.

In the last few days, they went on a field trip to the zoo – she was so excited in her purple and pink, . . . → Read More: Last Week of Preschool

Life Changes Fast

Just over one year ago, the week before my birthday, I made a comment to Scott about turning 35 and he quickly replied that I was already 35 and I would be 36 that weekend. I felt like I had lost a year of my life…not quite as dramatic as it sounds. At this . . . → Read More: Life Changes Fast

6 Weeks

Where does the time go? I can’t believe that they are 6 weeks old already and my maternity leave is halfway over.

It is much easier to tell the boys apart in pictures now, because Ruslan is always wearing a bib. He has reflux and spits up huge amounts of his food – we . . . → Read More: 6 Weeks

The Past 2 Weeks at Home

The days go by so quickly between feedings, diaper changes and short naps when I try to take care of the other household activites. And that is with my mom here from 7:45 am to 10:00 pm every day…she goes back to work next week. Here’s what the boys have been up to the . . . → Read More: The Past 2 Weeks at Home

10 Random Photos from the Past Month

1 – Eating birthday cake for Uncle Nick on SuperBowl Sunday

2 – Showing me the butterfly dance that they were doing in music class at school that day

3 – Eating Lik-N-Stik for the first time

4 – Looking at all of her valentines.

5 – Snuggling puppies . . . → Read More: 10 Random Photos from the Past Month

Phone Conversation with Daddy

Juliana, my mom and I were on our way home from Target and Eat-n-Park. Scott called to tell Juliana goodnight since he wasn’t going to be home before her bedtime. I handed the phone back to Juliana and this is what I heard on our side of the conversation.

Hi Daddy!

I love . . . → Read More: Phone Conversation with Daddy

Christmas Morning at Home

After Juliana was in bed Wedenesday night, we assembled the Santa presents for the morning. Scott assembled the work bench and I filled her stocking. When she came downstairs in the morning she was excited to see the work bench and find presents in her stocking. She spent quite some time with those surprises . . . → Read More: Christmas Morning at Home

Thanksgiving Recap

I woke up with a nasty stomach bug Wednesday morning that hot worse, not better on Thanksgiving. So I stayed home on Thanksgiving while Scott and Juliana went to Nana and Papa’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. I eventually managed an apple before going to bed Thursday night. Nonni was battling the same stomach flu . . . → Read More: Thanksgiving Recap